Statsbomb Conference

In August 2019, I won the oppurtunity to present a research talk at the inagural Statsbomb football analytics conference. My proposal focused on Markov models of possession value when playing football, and incorporating a risk factor into these models.

I presented a 25 minute talk on my work at the conference in October 2019. Below is a list of resources related to the project.

Original Application

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The Talk

My Statsbomb Talk Video

Talk Slides

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White Paper

currently in the process of writing up a white paper based on the research. Will upload here when completed.

R Package

alongside the white paper, I am putting together an R package to easily reproduce the findings, and also extend into other similar models of possession value. The code can be found on Github


Considering Defensive Risk in Expected Threat Models
Oct 11, 2019 1:00 PM