Advent Calendar of Football Trivia Analyses

One of the most consistent fonts of posts on this blog is The Guardian’s football trivia page The Knowledge. A particular reason for this is that the small contained questions lend themselves to small blogposts that I can turn around in an hour or two, as opposed to being endlessly redrafted until I lose interest. However, I still sometimes don’t quite get round to finishing some of these posts, or have trouble justifying a blog post on a very small and ‘trivial’ answer to a question.

The Guardian Knowledge June 2019

Most Wednesday’s I enjoy reading The Knowledge blog on the Guardian’s website and reading the football trivia therein. When time (and questions) allow, I like to answer some of the questions posed, example of which are here, here, and here. League of Nations The first question comes from Which player had the nationality with the lowest FIFA World Ranking at the time of him winning the Premier League? — The Tin Boonie (@TheTinBoonie) June 18, 2019 a similar question is also answered in this weeks column:

The Knowledge 7th February 2019

In what is becoming a repeated series, I enjoy answering trivia questions from The Guardian’s The Knowledge football trivia column. There’s a few questions that built up that seemed amenable to coding answers so I’ve taken a stab at them here #munging library(tidyverse) library(data.table) library(zoo) #english football data library(engsoccerdata) #web data scraping library(rvest) #plotting library(openair) Calendar Boys The first question this week concerns players scoring on (or nearest to) every day of the year

Which English County Has Won the Most Points

Every so often a question on The Guardian’s The Knowledge football trivia section piques my interest and is amenable to analysis using R. Previously, I looked at club name suffixes and young World Cup winners last August. This week (give or take), a question posed on twitter caught my attention: @TheKnowledge_GU was just chatting to some colleagues in the kitchen at work about why Essex doesn’t have many big football clubs and it got me thinking.

The Knowledge 4th August 2018

The Guardian publish a weekly set of questions and answers on a variety of football minutiae at The Knowledge. Forutnately, some of these are extremely tractable using R, so I thought I’d have a go at working through the archives to see if I can shed light on any of the questions. library(rvest) library(dplyr) library(magrittr) library(data.table) library(zoo) library(ggplot2) library(rvest) library(stringr) #jalapic/engsoccerdata library(engsoccerdata) We Ain’t Going To The Town.. ‘This season, Tranmere Rovers return to contest League Two alongside eight teams with the suffix Town, including six successive fixtures against these clubs over the New Year.